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Applicazioni Termoplastiche, with its long experience and renowned expertise in processing shrink films, is even more modern. The company has decided to undertake a medium - long term path of sustainability with the objective of being at the forefront of market trends.
This approach is first initiated by neutralizing all its consumption of electricity and heat, going on by creating a completely zero emission product: the film AT ECO2 packaging Zero Emissions.. This important result is emphasized by the fact that its a purely voluntary initiative. In fact, offsetting carbon emissions is not a legal requirement but is a specific company’s will to contribute to the protection and preservation of our planet.
Applicazioni Termoplastiche has decided to re-direct its business model towards a more sustainable development where all company’s departments are now committed to reduce their environmental impact.

What does it mean a film AT ECO2 packaging Zero Emissions?

The film AT ECO2 packaging Zero Emissions offers the same quality and guarantee of the normal shrink with the added value of having neutralized the product’s lifecycle. The choice of packaging film AT ECO2 Zero Emissions means to contribute and participate to the responsible project of environmental sustainability undertook by Applicazioni Termoplastiche, which is committed to minimizing its environmental impact.
The company’s goal is always to satisfy and protect its customers using the commodities authorized by European Community legislation and neutralizing the carbon emissions resulting from their productive activities.

How does the Itzamà’s certification work?

The process leading to Itzamà’s certification follows a strict protocol that calculates an estimate of the company’s environmental impact generated by the production of the shrink film. This is achieved by using references and international standards of coefficients to calculate CO2 emissions. Once that the impact is measured it is then neutralized by a compensation mechanism that promotes the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Emerging Countries. The monitoring of the neutralization process is verified by a Recognized International Certification Body.

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