The range of proposals consists of shrink film and stretch for several applications, which are flanked film for use manuals, custom materials, film Bubble, industrial bags, reels and caps shrink and co-mono, films and printed tubular.
INCREASINGLY ATTENTIVE TO ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES , has neutralized its carbon footprint by contributing to the development of clean energy projects.

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Our company produces Shrink Film range from 200mm. to 2100mm. flat leaf, the bands most wide are produced with the help of interior bellows.
The Plastic..
The polymers can be in powder, granules, liquids and solutions. The main processes that turn them into final products, using pressure and heat, are: ...
The Company..
The company was Founded in 1980 by a simple idea of a group of entrepreneurs from Naples, and was able to evolve up to become a modern reality of the social fabric of North Naples.
Production Process..
The raw material is deposited in bags of 25 kg., it is put in hoppers for mixing.
The raw material is deposited in bags of 25 kg., it is put in hoppers for mixing. The machine according to his needs, wants the material well....
The reels are collected on foot, packed with extensible, stored in the warehouse and asked the date previously agreed...
Subsequently, the sheet thus obtained, it is sent to the bench collection through a system of bobinaggio, produces the final manufactured goods to be sent to the customer ...
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