Our company produces Shrink Film range from 200mm. to 2100mm. flat leaf, the bands most wide are produced with the help of interior bellows.

The company was Founded in 1980 by a simple idea of a group of entrepreneurs from Naples, and was able to evolve up to become a modern reality of the social fabric of North Naples. With 15 people in its staff, turns over 60,000 q. shrink film with low density. During the two decades has been able to gather experience that much to get itself as a leading supplier of large international companies..

Regarding to the industrial sector, the company, in all these years, not only has gained extensive experience in supplying products to most categories of industrial users, but also knew how to fit with seriousness and ability in the qualifying competition.

To offer a more competent service to its clientele has a certify ISO 9001:2000 and today is certainly a reality safe and reliable.

Today the company has among its clients national companies such as Cirio, Pepsi Cola, Doria, Ferrero, Plasmon, Star, San Benedetto, Eridania and some companies that provide direct Fiat. The shrink can be produced in all versions (Single-ply, micro micro-drilled) and in all colours.

The production of shrink film is completed by manufacture of industrial bags and caps.

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